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Get to Know Me

My name is Kim. I am married to my husband, Dana, for 32 years. We have two grown boys who are married to our two beautiful daughters-in-law. We have three grandchildren that have changed our world. (If you thought you knew love, wait until grandchildren. Your heart just might explode.)

Our home is in North Alabama. And, yes, it is sweet! 

My writing journey started when I was a young girl. My mom had given me the advice to write my feelings when the words wouldn't audibly come. So I did. What started out as diaries turn to journals, then as a young adult became prayer journals. I have poured my heart out in words and it has become a road map straight from my heart to God's ears.

In March of this year I started sending devotions to my girls (DIL's) everyday and through that God led me to start this blog. Country Roads is my next journey in writing my way through this life. So grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, or in my case a mason jar of warm lemon water and let's talk Jesus. 

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