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Walk in Harmony

"The beams of our house are cedars; our rafters are firs." Song of Songs 1:17

This passage in Song of Songs gives us a visual picture of a marital sanctuary. Two are walking hand in hand in the outdoors, imagining that the "cedar trees" above are the beams of their house. They are dreaming of their sanctuary while spending time together, reconnecting and nourishing their relationship.

I think of the many walks Dana and I take together, but my most favorite walk is the one on the white sand beaches, closed in tight against the waters edge. That is what we long for as our vacation draws near. Our morning always find us there, hand in hand with the warm sun on our back and the sea breeze in our face. I like to call those walks our "marriage retreat".

You see, as we make our way across the beach and agree on the direction we will take for that morning we naturally reach for each others hand and fall in step beside one another. Our conversation is easy and our mood is light. We might stop to gaze at a school of fish swimming by or a jellyfish that was washed ashore the night before. We catch ourselves people watching or staring off into the deep blue sea. Dana is the pioneer of finding all the perfect shells that I just cannot leave there. We have a big, beautiful glass vase that sits on a credenza in our bedroom. It stands as a reminder of not just our past vacations, but of the quiet, intimate discussions we have had over all those wonderful walks.

We don't intend for that time to have an agenda but our walks always take us to a point of conversation about how the past year has treated us and where our hopes are for the following year. We talk about our family, our work or just life in general. We dream about what we want to do and set goals for what needs to happen on our return back to reality, always keeping it light. We laugh at our thoughts and get a little teary eyed at precious memories. Almost every time I step off that beach from our morning jaunt, I leave feeling refreshed, renewed, more in love, and hopeful for the year or days ahead.

As we return home and I place those shells with the others we have collected it adds a sweet tranquility to our bedroom. I want to encourage you to make your bedroom a place that is a safe haven of peace and comfort and rest. When you can't slip away to the beach (or wherever your favorite spot might be) then find your way to your nest. A place that only the two of you share. Your own sanctuary where you can devote time with each other in listening, sharing, loving and praying. Find that "cedar forest" in your bedroom and dwell there.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Thank You for the many miles Dana and I have taken with You right there by our side. I can't praise You enough for the love you've given to us for the other. I pray for my children's marriages and ask that You place a hedge of protection around their union, preserving and keeping it safe for many years to come. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Good Monday morning, Bill.

I’m so glad you can go a long with me on my morning walks with what the Lord lays on my heart.

I pray God’s wonderful blessings on you and Belle. Any walk is precious when you’re together.

Thank you for every prayer they are much felt in the heart.




Good morning, Kim.

God has gifted us a new day. Thank you for being a part of my morning ritual.

I always look forward to seeing what God has placed on your heart.

Always having animals to care for leaves us little time for idyllic walks on the beach. This morning I saw seashells and jelly fish before daylight. Belle and I look forward to road trips, short or long. We can truly share what is on our hearts and to discuss our goals.

Thank you for sharing your gift of writing.

I continue to pray often for your precious mother and father. May God surround them in his loving embrace providing for their every need.

May God bless you…

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