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"This Is Gonna Be A Happy Day."

"Thus says the Lord of Hosts, 'My cities will again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord will again comfort Zion.'" Zechariah 1:17

Throughout our Christian lives we struggle and fall short. Others are affected by our sin, and change for the better doesn't seem to last from day to day. Godly behavior can seem like an unreachable goal.

During my years as a young mama, I battled a short-temper. I would lose my cool so easily when my boys would continually fight with one another. I was quick to get mad at their arguments and disagreements that happened throughout the day. I hated myself for my short fuse and prayed often that God would take it from me and help me to overcome the feelings of despair when trying to be a godly mother. I felt often that I would never get it right, that I'd never overcome my tendency to respond impatiently or angrily. I am so thankful God's grace was always there to comfort me and breathe new life into me at just the right time.

When the boys were at the age where arguing with each other at times became their preferred choice of sport and no amount of threatening them with their lives to stop was enough, I would always resort to "This is gonna be a happy day!" in my most calm and loving voice (sometimes through clenched teeth). I believe I would repeat that little phrase over and over in my head when the days seemed long and patience was short on my end and theirs. Cameron quickly picked up that phrase and would use it on me if I had to discipline them in anyway. He honestly thought that would turn my mood around and the day would be saved. Well, for the most part it did. Just hearing his voice say those words back to me was a reminder of the prayer I had prayed that morning for God to give us a happy day and it really started to soften my heart and create in me a more peaceful, easy feeling.

Even now, as I think back on my failures, this scripture speaks to me. It reminds me of our Father's heart toward us. Though the Israelites, (God's chosen people) who were stubborn, selfish and filled with sin, just couldn't get it right either, God graciously responded with promises for a bright future. When we belong to God through faith in His Son, He never lets us go.

"I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all. No one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand." (John 10:28-29)

No matter how much suffering we go through in our disobedience to God, He holds on to us. We daily receive God's grace and His mercies are new every morning.

God always was there for me in my failures, picking me up and encouraging me to keep on being the mom He wanted me to be. God taught me to walk in the Spirit rather than my flesh, and I rejoice over His abundant grace in my life.

Submitting to God and allowing your heart to be strengthened by grace is a good place to start if you struggle with sin. Because of Jesus, God forgives us when we confess and the Holy Spirit indwells us, empowering us to walk in Him. God's grace surrounds us even when we sin and changes us over and over again. It is amazing to see Him work in and through our lives when we allow Him.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Thank You for pouring Your grace over me every day. May I be more aware of it as it continues to strengthen my heart and change me from the inside out. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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