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The Winds of Change

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

In Alabama we have four seasons. Some are longer than others but I know all are necessary to bring about the needful changes that escorts us from one weather pattern to the next. Winter is my least favorite, for I am cold all the time. But I do look forward to celebrating our Savior's birthday and the promise of a fresh new year. Fall is beautiful with the changing of the leaves from yellow to gold, to red, to the most amazing coral. Spring is fresh most days when we don't have the threat of high wind, rains, or worse, tornado warnings (I stick close to my "tornado closet" during those times, I'm not going to lie). she is the icing on the cake for me. I love summer and what she promises. Long days; time spent outside; new blooms on the trees and the flowers popping up everywhere; sun on my skin warms me through and through, chasing away the winter blues; Oh, and don't let me forget Summer Beach Vacation! Happy days!

Just like the changing of our earthly seasons there are spiritual seasons in the Christian walk. As we grow and develop from a "young" christian to an "adult" christian we will face different calls on our life. When we are active in ministries we will be called to step out of our comfort zone, stretch our spiritual muscles and lean into Christ so that He can be our guide.

As a young adult I was called to work with youth in many different ways and for many years. I thought I would always be active in some part of helping with older kids and their spiritual journey. But since that time I have been involved in other ministries like being a nursery worker (loving on our sweet baby's), a member of many different choirs, served on a variety of committees, and most recently, the Wednesday night church cook. When I felt God moving me, on some occasions I had a hard time welcoming the change; leaving something I enjoyed and going toward something I wasn't so sure would fit me.

What I have learned over all these years of change is it is necessary, just like the changing of the seasons, our christian walk will experience change. Each change has an important purpose. Just like the weather it knows when flowers are to bloom and snow is to fall.

We may not understand when we are being moved (by God) from one calling to another. You may be experiencing a time of being a member of a Sunday School class (when you've always been a S.S. teacher). As long as we are in touch with the Lord and all He has for us we will know where He wants us to serve. I believe He is always working in and through us wherever we are.

Girls, when we are obedient to Him we will have joy and fulfillment that only comes from Christ. The seasons will continually change, (let that be a positive in your life). Move and flow wherever God leads. Be sensitive to His call and obedient as you walk through your seasons. Allow the flowers to bloom and the beautiful leaves to change their colors in your walk. You may realize talents you didn't know you had.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Thank you for seasons. Seasons of change that bring us closer to You. Move us and help us as we step out of our comfort zone. May we hold to Your hand and fully trust Your plan and purpose. Amen.

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