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The Journey

"Then David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was wearing a linen ephod. So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouting and with the sound of the trumpet." 2 Samuel 6:14,15

I love vacation. I mean I Really Love vacation; every part of it. As soon as we decide we want to go somewhere my vacation begins as I start the beloved search for the most special place that we could stay. From a beach cottage or a condo overlooking the white sands and sparkling gulf, or to the mountains for a cozy cabin with amazing wooded views, or maybe a hotel room in a bustling city for a long weekend stay. It doesn't really matter where we go it is all the stuff before and after, and of course the in between that brings the perfect vacation together for me.

I enjoy the planning and packing all the while savoring the thoughts of what we will do while there, and how there will be no schedule, just going with the flow. Sleeping in and lounging the day away; brisk walks as we watch the sun rise and lazy afternoons with not much more to do but more resting and relaxing.

Once we have packed our bags and loaded ourselves in the vehicle, we ask the good Lord for safe travels and then as we are backing out of our garage I make the announcement that, "Vacation Now Begins." not so much for me but for Dana. He has a totally different story when it comes to 'when' his vacation begins.

You see, Dana is a -jump in the car and drive fast and hard- until we arrive at our destination. I always thought his motto in getting us there was, "Gentlemen, start your engines." I would always spot little roadside stands or cute little exhibits to stop and explore as we traveled down the highway only to be met with, "Oh, you wanted to stop back there?" Over the years I would speak up at how lovely it would be to stop at a certain dwelling but by the time he processed what I said and ask if I wanted to stop we were ten miles and two exits passed when I had spoken up. Needless to say his vacation began as soon as we pulled up to our little getaway and ended the moment we pulled away heading for home.

It has taken me thirty plus years to get through to him the importance of savoring every moment of the time we have together on our vacation. To be in the moment and look forward to every part of the trip. To relax and breathe and find that space of living in each part of the journey, not just seeking out the destination.

These days on our drive I will read scripture from a special bible I keep in my car. We listen to messages on DVD's we have collected over the years. We sing to our hearts content to some of our favorite tunes. We take back roads now instead of the fierce interstates just so we can enjoy the countryside, imagining the families that live in the farmhouses in all the wide open spaces, or who lives in the beautiful historical homes lining the streets of the quaint little towns, discussing the 'what ifs' of us living there. We talk and laugh and reminisce about days gone by and thoroughly enjoy the importance of the journey now.

I believe that is exactly how the Lord wants us to live our life. While we walk these roads on our own individual journeys He wants us to love and celebrate our time here. Take notice of the little things along with the big, and ready ourselves for what is ahead (our heavenly home). We should follow David's lead; he did not wait to arrive back in Jerusalem with the recovered sacred ark of the covenant before he celebrated. David worshipped, sang and danced all along the journey. So should we,` until the day the Lord calls us home.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Thank You for the events in our life that we can savor and store in our memory bank. Help us to look forward to every moment You give us and to always rejoice in this journey that makes up our life. I am loving my journey here as I look forward to what You have for me in heaven. I love You. Amen.

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2 komentáře

01. 5. 2020


I am so grateful you’re my partner in all of our journeys.



P.S. Im ready to go on our next adventure whenever you are...

To se mi líbí

Dana Lewis
30. 4. 2020


Thank you for teaching me to enjoy the journey, it makes the destination that much sweeter.



To se mi líbí
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