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Team Parenting

"David and the six hundred men with him came to the Besor Ravine, where some stayed behind, for two hundred men were too exhausted to cross the ravine. But David and four hundred men continued the pursuit." 1 Samuel 30:9-10

In reading 1 Samuel you will find what a noble and valiant leader and warrior David was, but we must understand that he was not alone, first and foremost the Lord was with him, and then the great army of men that fought under him.

Marriage is like an army of two. We must work together and always be a united front, especially when it comes to raising children.

As precious as our little ones are they learn very quickly what buttons to push and how exactly to weave their way in between the two of you. As toddlers, preschoolers and the elementary years let them motivate you to be more creative in finding time for each other. They will challenge your times of communication; listening to everything you may be sharing (the calm and the heated discussions.) Be intentional on what you talk about in front of them by choosing your words carefully.

When we work as a team our children are witnesses to it and quickly realize you come as one, which only makes them a more confident child, existing in a stable environment. There will be times that you might not agree with how discipline should be given, or if at all, and when this occurs wait until you are alone together to discuss it (kids bedtimes are the best, then you know they are not hiding around the corner, listening).

Sometimes in our marriages, one spouse may be more up front than the other, but both need to share equally in the role of training and disciplining. From time to time roles may change, but one spouse is never more important than the other. When both esteem and value the other, they live out their commitment to each other, acting as one in Christ (what better way to be a godly example to your children?).

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, I pray for my grandchildren's parents as they learn the importance of walking as one in all aspects of a married life. May they work together and choose wisely the words and attitudes they use in front of their children. Marriage is hard and raising good children is hard, but with You all things are possible. May they place their faith and trust in You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Jul 20, 2020

Good morning, Bill.

Thank you again and again for your prayers. Wednesday is the big day, #3. May He hear our prayers and answer. In Jesus’ name.

I pray God blesses you and gives you a wonderful day.


P.S. Donna is in my prayers.


Jul 20, 2020

Good morning, Kim.

A new week is before us. I am praying for your mother as she receives her next treatment. May she have the strength to tolerate the chemotherapy and may it kill all cancer in her body. Praying that your dad has the strength and compassion to be there for your mom.

Great words of advice for all parents. I encourage your children to take it to heart.

You are a blessing to so many. May God continue to bless you and Dana.


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