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Speak Softly

"A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

I learned as a young mama that yelling my demands would get me nowhere with my two little boys. No amount of volume I turned my voice up to would help them hear me any better. I often thought that I had lost my edge (or never really had one to begin with).

Dana would tell me often with each time I had to repeat my warnings to them that my voice would go up a few octaves causing me to sound like a squeaky mouse instead of the trumpet blow of an elephant (which got me nowhere in gaining control over their quarrels). He said I needed to deepen my voice so they would know that I meant business. I tried that quite a few times and not even that seemed to work (I just didn't have a deep, commanding voice).

I learned that when I would compete with the chaos and noise, I was drowned out. My voice was diluted and blended in with all the other loud chatter. Then I read somewhere that in the face of chaos, you should never raise your voice. When you add a softness to your tone it exudes the confidence of unshakable authority. So...I tried it and you know what happened? The boys would see me but had to stop fussing to hear what I was actually saying. I could speak at my normal level (sometimes whispering just to test this experiment) and it worked. They leaned in to be able to hear what I was saying. My softer voice penetrated the room and within minutes I had control back.

I think this goes for any relationship we have, or even dealing with others in general. When we use the gift that God gave us as women, and add the softness of our feminine ways, things get done, people listen. Before long, others around us are quieting down in order to hear what we have to say instead of our vying to be heard.

I believe if we raise our expectations in ourselves and others, we will never have to raise our voices. The blessing we will receive is a peaceful existence over our home when we stop trying to compete for authority; you will see that it isn't a new found power, it is simply something that is naturally given to us.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Thank You for teaching me that I don't have to be something I'm not. You set in me the power to possess the ability to create peace and calm in my home when my boys were young. You continue to work on me to this day and for that I am thankful. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Good morning, Bill.

And I am whispering my heartfelt ‘you’re welcome’ right back to you.

My advice only comes from my heart through a life lived. I pray it might speak into others lives.

Thank you for praying. I believe she is being healed and will be made strong in Christ once again.

I hope your day is blessed.




Good morning, Kim.

I am whispering my heartfelt thanks for you and your daily blog. Are you aware how well-received your advice is?

Amazing when you consider that the master and creator of the universe speaks in a still small voice. Dana's advice was spot on.

Your children and their spouses are blessed by your daily sharing, as am I.

I am praying for your mother as she prepares for her treatment tomorrow. May it be powerful and effective in killing all traces of cancer.

Blessings on you and your family.


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