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Opportunity Knocks, God Answers

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5,6

Dana and I had been in wedded bliss for about three years when he got a job offer. On the surface it seemed like an extremely good job offer.

A new company was coming to town. Not our town but the town of Norcross, Georgia. Kind of a long way from Albertville, Alabama, huh? It peaked our interest so we followed the trail to this bustling city.

We excitedly packed a bag for a fast weekend of being introduced to the company where Dana would potentially work. Exploring the area. Investigating possible homesites where we would move our little family. Visiting some day care facilities, and if they were attached to a church, even better. We were anxious to get going and see if this was where the Lord would have us to begin anew.

We dropped the boys at Gran and Pop's house and were on our way, our sights on the city lights. We just knew this was the direction the Lord would have us take to open more doors of opportunity for Dana's career (Climbing the latter and all). To give us a change of scenery; a fresh start. The town was booming with new businesses and new homes and a wonderful chance to spread out and have our own space.

Of course the weekend sped by like the cars at the motor speedway but we made haste and packed all the information we could in these three days.

The job sounded amazing. Dana was a perfect fit and was offered the job on the spot. We saw a quaint little apartment we could start out in until we got more familiar with the area. It was beautifully set up and the complex had a big playground just a stone's throw from the front door. (The boys would be in heaven.) There were churches on every corner. Oh, and did I mention all the wonderful retail therapy at my doorstep. (Ishh!) Excitement was in the air!

We loved it! Everything seemed to be falling into place. We asked each other many times over the weekend how we felt and neither of us had any qualms moving forward with this adventure. We were ready! We left Georgia knowing that this would be our new home. We were leaving for just awhile but would be right back as soon as we could grab our boys and our belongings and say goodbye to all "our familiar".

On the drive home what started out with excitement and possibilities gradually turned into doubts and "what ifs". The more we talked and planned the more we started to apply our breaks. At one point on the ride home right in the middle of our "pros and cons" conversation Dana looked at me with resolve and said, "we can't do this". Immediately I felt a heavy burden lift off my chest that I didn't even know was there. As we pulled up into my parents driveway to get the boys they were all four out on the front porch playing and laughing and loving on each other. They all had been doing some heavy duty outside work and were dirty from head to toe, but were so pleased with themselves. We knew then the Lord was confirming His answer to us.

As I walked across the yard the boys came running and met me with smut faced grins and joy in their hearts. They were happy and content just where they were. Being close to their grandparents and being taught life lessons on that farm. How could we move away from all this?

What seemed like a great opportunity soon took a back seat to what was most important. Bathing all our decisions in prayer. Following God's plan. Trusting in Him. Believing that His way is the best way.

I will forever be grateful for that weekend we spent in Georgia. It made me appreciate family and home, and it taught me that everything that glitters is not gold. You see, about two years after that weekend the company that looked so perfect to us closed its doors. They just couldn't tread the waters of big industry.

"...lean not on your own understanding..."

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, I will trust in You. You are my strong tower, always watching over me. I am forever grateful! Amen.

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