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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

"But the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary." Matthew 14:24

My parents made it a habit to load us girls up every July and take us to the beach where beautiful white sands and large waves awaited us. We looked forward to this adventure every year just as I still do to this day.

This one particular summer is not a pleasant one in my collection of memories but I must share with you anyway. No sooner had we arrived at our beautiful destination than did I contract a fever accompanied with body aches and chills. I was placed on house (condo) arrest for the majority of my time there which I had no knowledge of, for I slept for five days straight. During my fitful days and nights I would awaken to a dark and lonely room. I would call for mama or daddy or God Himself to come help me thinking that this is how I would leave this world I knew (never was I one for dramatics).

Finally on the last full day that was left I was able to wander out of bed, being greeted by my sisters excitedly telling me they wanted me to come down to the water's edge and take a short boat ride with a nice guy that had volunteered to try and make what was such a bad vacation end with a little joy for me. I had no interest in going, but I couldn't disappoint so...I fast as my pale, weak body would carry me.

I remember him being a nice young man, eager to get me on his sailboat and carry me out into the gulf to cheer me up. I dutifully did as I was told, sitting on his boat and holding on tight. The wind had picked up and the clouds were slowly rolling in making the waves a bit more busy than I thought my empty stomach could take, but I kept a positive attitude, wanting so badly to take home some kind of happy moment from this week.

He seemed to me to be a fine sailor, maneuvering his watercraft as steady as possible (but what did I know?). The sails were bustling in the wind and the waves were surging us forward. I began to get nervous the further we went out, looking toward the seashore finding my two sisters smiling and waving like this was a normal course for us to be taking, when all of a sudden a wave crashes into us. The vessel tips up, taking me with it and the sail whips around almost hitting the captain across the head (thank goodness he ducked in the nick of time). As soon as we were on a more level field and he could catch his breath he apologized and informed me that he was turning us around to head back to shore, for the sea was not cooperating with us today.

I was never so happy to set my feet back on solid ground. For that short ten minute ride it had taken everything out of me. With my good manners I thanked him for the little jaunt and made my way straight back to the safe cocoon of that familiar bedroom.

I am so glad I know the One who sails the seas of my life today. When I am afraid He calls out to me; He comforts me; He restores my weary soul and saves me. (Ps. 14: 27-30)

When I lose hope; when doubt over takes me He calms my raging seas and brings me back to solid ground. (Ps. 14:31,32)

I will forever profess that truly He is the Son of God! Amen! (Ps. 14:33)

Who is the Captain of your life? Let it be Him.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, I pray for those who don't know You as their personal Savior. May today be the day they receive You; inviting You in to be Lord of their life. I pray for those of us that have taken our eyes off of You during this time and felt uneasy and maybe forgotten. May we feel Your touch and hear Your voice through the winds of this raging storm. Renew our faith in You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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