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If the Shoe Fits...

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

"Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord."

Colossians 3:20

There is a time in a young girl's life that we celebrate our firsts. I want to share a big first with you today, but let me make this clear, I was an obedient child for the most part, except for the times I wasn't. Just to clarify, I always had a very good explanation for why I needed to do the things I did.

Mama had taken us girls shopping over the weekend and I was ecstatic to become the owner of my very first pair of wedged heel shoes. I was so eager to get home and rid myself of all of the 'childish shoes' I had been made to wear for far too many years. All I cared about was finally having the perfect shoe for all of my newly found, mature, preteen wardrobe.

These charmers were a lovely dark blue material with a natural colored roping that weaved in and around and across the top of my foot with a strap made of the same material that wrapped around my ankle and tied. I was the happiest girl in the world to be the proud owner of such a treasure. (You couldn't have wiped the smile off of my face if you tried.)

I couldn't wait to get them home and lay out each outfit across my bed that would match perfectly with these most special accessories. As soon as I had finished my escapade of tearing my closet apart and carefully organizing my ensembles to perfection Mama walks in my room. As I was welcoming her in to admire my carefully chosen items and telling her how I couldn't wait for school on Monday she announced to me that those shoes were not for school but for church and special occasions.

I told her how disappointing this news was because I already had my collection planned and my shoes were the star of the show. (No form of begging would suffice.) Before leaving my room she let me know that the shoes were too much of a heel for me to wear all day and that she was afraid I might fall off of them and break my ankle. Her last words were, "Kim. do not wear the shoes to school, period." (I questioned her seriousness.)

Monday morning came, I dressed and was ready to walk to the bus stop. Mama and Daddy had to leave the house before we were to catch the bus so there were these few minutes I had to process that they were gone and my pretty little shoes were upstairs just sitting in my closet longing for me to wear them. Now I must say I told myself NO many times in my mind and argued for a minute but ultimately my mind won.

Off I went running up those stairs, two at a time, kicking off my 'baby' shoes and on with my most prized possessions. I still had Mama's words running around in my head as I admired my outfit with my new shoes in the mirror telling myself how much better I looked when all of a sudden my sisters yelled from downstairs that the bus was here! I grabbed my things and took off at lightning speed down the hallway. As I approached the top of the stairs I knew this choice was wrong but how would Mama ever find out, right?

As I took that first wobbly step with the momentum I had built up pushing me forward and being unsure of my step, I twisted my ankle falling and sliding the rest of the way down the stairs with my belongings scattering across the floor. As I got to my feet and looked toward the opened front door the bus was passing...leaving me behind...

As I look back at that young girl I am so thankful I have grown in Christ, I've learned that it's better to be obedient than to do things my way. We cannot hide from Him or go behind His back, we will be found out and endure consequences. I'm grateful that through my relationship with the Lord He has shown me ways of living for Him which always gives me a sense of contentment. What enjoyment and satisfaction there is to know a God that delivers us; redeems us; and guides us. He sent Jesus to stand in the gap between us and our sin, praise God!

So, as I'm sure you have already guessed I had to come clean with the events that caused me to miss the bus on my ride to school that morning while sitting shotgun with Mama at the steering wheel.

So put on your best pair of shoes and walk confidently in obedience with the One Who died for you.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Help us to hear Your voice and know that You have our best interest at heart. You see further down the road than we possibly can and I pray we will always trust in You. May we hold Your hand as we climb the mountains of this life no matter it's height, knowing that You are a firm foundation for us to stand on. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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