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God's Design for Marriage

So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself." Ephesians 5:28

"When we are in proper relationship to one another, we yield a circle of strength that more easily rolls over the potholes of life. A woman's softness, or her vulnerability, is the catalyst for a man to demonstrate his wisdom and power, which in turn makes a woman feel loved and protected, which in turn makes a man feel respected and needed, which in turn makes a woman feel special and cherished, which in turn makes a man feel appreciated and irreplaceable, which in turn makes a man want to go the extra mile, which in turn makes a woman want to go the extra mile, which is what loving someone is all about in the first place." -Kristin Armstrong

We know that God created women differently than He created men. We see that not only in reading Genesis 1:24-31 but also in watching males and females from the time they are born until adulthood. It is quite obvious couples were never meant to compete; we were meant to complete.

Men and women have different ways of revealing our strengths. It is a woman's tenderness that makes us tough and our compassion that gives us courage. Our strength lies not in demanding our way or being in charge, but in our softness that the Holy Spirit gives that reveals our shape. When we lose our softness (not to be confused with weakness) we tend to become bitter, angry and hostile, not that we lose the Holy Spirit, but we become controlling, in that we override the Spirit's leading.

Marriage is not a tug-of-war, it is two people who come together to love each other, live together, enjoy the journey, grow closer with every passing day and forgive one another over and over again. You can see how much easier our relationship can be if we would relax into the beautiful design God created it to be.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, May the marathon of marriage be a journey we each take seriously, striving to always place You first. Help us to work everyday at relaxing into this beautiful design You created. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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One more after Wednesday, praise the Lord!



After Wednesday how many more chemotherapy treatments are planned? I am praying that chemo is destroying every last vestige of cancer.



Good morning, Bill.

We are back from a wonderful week, trying to get back into the swing of things this morning (hardest part of vacay for me).

“Which came first my love or my response to love?” I like that.

We are now focused on ‘Treatment Wednesday’ coming up this week and the days or week to follow. Pray for mom’s strength and resilience. Thank you for praying.




Good morning, Kim.

Yes, marriage is not a competition. It is a process that brings completion to both husband and wife.

I am humbled to receive Belle's love and thus motivated to love her better. Our mutual responses should flow so freely that it begs the question "which came first the chicken or the egg?" Which came first my love or my response to love?

I am praying for your mom. I can't wait to see her. She is such an encouragement.

Have a blessed week.


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