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Blankets Made of Blue

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(A love letter from this mama to her two boys)

God knew what He was up to when He gave me you.

He called out when I wasn't listening

And in that instant made me a boy mom through and through.

I was young and so unready for this life He had for me

But all the while He was working out every detail that would be

In making His master plan; highlights of a life about you He had for me.

He gazed on your little faces

Held you in His arms so lovingly;

He knew you both would fit in my arms so perfectly.

God brought you in this world and placed you in my arms so new.

I had no clue where we were headed I just knew we'd always be together.

Time traveled quickly by and as I watched you grow

I knew those feet would take you places I wouldn't always get to go.

I lifted you up when you would fall and held your tiny hands in mine,

Memorizing every little detail so intricately designed.

As days turned into weeks and I gazed upon your life

I trusted that He would hold You everyday so very tight.

I watched you grow from toddlers to boys, so swiftly as you know...

Time doesn't keep but always hoping you'd take the time to 'dance'.

From dragons to superheros to pro athletes was your aim;

For God had a plan I held on to for both of you to claim.

I prayed for you from the beginning of time,

Young men on your knees is always my heart's desire.

Trusting that God's ear was leaned into me;

knowing from His Father's heart what He could only see.

Good night lullabies, rocking chairs, and blankets made of blue

Quickly turned into little boy jeans, basketballs and muddy teeny shoes.

My life became yours when you breathed your first;

For I had no sense of who I was the moment I met you.

Summer turned to winter and I knew the times were changing;

That who I was in your eyes would all too soon be new.

For mommies of little boys are precious everyday and everynight,

But as you got older your eyes began to hold a different light.

I've witnessed so many changes in your life now that you're grown.

I pray that time is good to you as you get to watch your own.

So many things I see in them takes me back to another time,

A place and time not so long ago when you were only mine.

God has blessed me so much more

Than I could have ever imagined;

For His plan for you was to show me;

A love that was made in heaven.

I love you & He loves you more!

Lord, Thank You for the two blessings that taught me self sacrificing love. A love so true and strong that comes only from You. Thank You for my boys. Continue to bless them and grow them into young men on their knees. I love You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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